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Making a pocket bike street legal

So, you want to turn your pocket bike into a street legal machine. It can be done. Many police officers will give you the impression that pocket bikes are totally street illegal - this is not the case. With a few proper modifications, your pocket bike can be street legal, and covered under insurance as a LSV (low speed vehicle). Read below for more information.
Step one - indicator lights
If your pocket bike didn't come with indicator lights, this is the #1 thing that cops give out tickets for to pocket bike enthusiasts. If you're driving it on the road, you need a brake light to show you're slowing down, and left and right turn signals. If you don't have any, you can make them on your bike. A simple trip to a local hardware store and you will find indicator lights that can be mounted on your car - you can mount these on a pocket bike, too. They just need to be wired up properly.

Step two - insurance and plates
In many places in North America you need insurance and a plate to show you are road-certified. Insurance for a pocket bike; we know, it sounds silly. But it's not, it's generally required. Speak to your local licensing office where you pickup your plate, or the insurance company you get your car insurance from.
Step three - protective padding and a helmet
Yes, you will need a helmet. It's illegal for motorcyclists to drive without one, and since your pocket bike now classified as an LSV, you need a helmet. Protective padding is a definite must as well. In the event of a fall both padding and a helmet will work together to save your life, especially if you have a pocket bike that can do 50mph or over.

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