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Pocket Dirt Bikes, Off Road Pocket Bikes

Are you looking for a pocket dirt bike or an off road pocket bike? Pocket dirt bikes and off road pocket bikes are generally the same thing. In most cases, you can take just about any pocket bike off the road. In fact, if the pocket bike isn't street legal, it might be preferable for you to take the pocket bike off road anyways.

For more help on getting your pocket bike street legal be sure to refer to our 'making your pocket bike street legal' page.

Upgraded shocks and springs on off road pocket bikes

Depending on what you buy, an off road or pocket dirt bike may have upgraded shocks and springs so that it can withstand a more rugged terrain. Be sure to click on the pocket dirt bikes or off road pocket bikes that we have available on this page for more information. Review the product details of each product to determine if it does come with upgraded shocks and/or springs. If you're absolutely not sure and need more help, please click on our contact page at top.

Pocket Dirt Bike and Off Road Pocket Bike Reviews

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