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Mini Pocket Bikes & Pocket Rockets

A mini pocket bike is pretty much the same thing as a pocket bike. The term 'Mini Pocket Bike' could be a gas powered or electric powered bike, with gas powered mini bikes obviously moving faster then the electric ones.
Mini pocket bikes is just another terminology for a pocket bike. Mini just implies the bike is smaller then a real sized motorcycle. Starting your child out on a pocket bike from a young age is a great idea - just don't be surprised if later in their life, they want to ride a motorcycle. It's a simple upgrade later on.

Electric mini bikes also require to be charged, whereas gas can simply be fueled up at the gas station, or from a canteen you may have filled up there earlier. So while you may have to wait 5-6 hours for your electric bike to charge, gas can be obtained anywhere and then be used in the pocket bike. Higher octane fuels will burn cleaner and you may even experience a boost in acceleration.

Mini Pocket Bikes & Pocket Rockets on Sale

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