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Gas Powered Pocket bikes & Scooters

Gas pocket bikes can take any type of unleaded fuel. It's generally best to use the highest level of octane fuel available. This is because while the lower octane will still fuel the bike, lower octane fuel generally is not as clean as the higher octane. Therefore, the higher octane fuel will provide a cleaner spark and will make your engine last longer. The pocket bike will also perform better with the higher octane fuel then the lower octane fuel.

Gas powered bike and electric bikes the difference

The main difference between gas pocket bikes and electric pocket bikes, is, of course, one runs on electricity while one runs on gas. Today, currently, there is no hybrid pocket bike yet available (to our knowledge. If we are incorrect please let us know). You can get a gas powered bike with an electric start, which has a starter motor just like a car. In certain situations, you may be able to design an electric start for your bike. But you may have a hard time equipping a previous pocket bike design with an electric starter motor.

Speed factors

No electric pocket bike, mini bike, chopper bike or what have you will go as fast as a gas powered bike either. The gas powered pocket bikes are the fastest; they can be outfitted with new sprockets, exhausts and parts of that nature that can increase the top speed, acceleration, and horsepower of the vehicle.


Most gas powered pocket bikes have parts that are interchangeable, the parts are mostly universal and can be taken off one bike to be put onto the next. This is useful when one of the bikes may break down and you need to change the parts. You can also buy most major parts off the Internet or a local pocket bike shop if one is near you.

Gas Powered Pocket Bike Products and Reviews

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