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Yamaha pocket bikes

Yamaha pocket bikes are often replicated and sought after by pocket bike owners. Reasons for this may include the fact that Yamaha's bikes come with excellent features. Most come with rear taillights and all the bells and whistles. Since these bikes have indicator lights, you may be able to register them and possibly get insurance so they become street legal.

Making a Yamaha pocket bike street legal

If you've ever been pulled over by an officer while on your pocket bike, you know that they can give tickets for many different things. For the most part, the cops won't like you driving it on the road, unless you can meet their expectations. You'll need rear taillights and indicator lights just like a real bike. As mentioned, a lot of Yamaha bikes come with most features you will require. You may need to register your Yamaha pocket bike with the license plate office before driving it on the road.

Yamaha off-road pocket bikes

Any Yamaha pocket bike can be taken off-road, to be honest. You're less likely to get in trouble while off-roading, as well.

Yamaha pocket bike reviews

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