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Electric Pocket Bikes

Electric pocket bikes are a little different from their gas powered brothers. Electric bikes require the use of a battery. When the battery is expended, you will need to recharge it before you can ride the bike again. Most pocket bikes have a run time of 4-6 hours before they will again require a charge.

If you are going to be out running the bike for some time, you may consider getting a second battery. When the first battery runs out, you can pop the second one in. With two batteries, your run time will average 8-10 hours. This is a pretty long time; more then likely you won't need to run the pocket bike any longer then that in a given day. After that you can take home both batteries and charge them.

Batteries for your pocket bike can be charged as long as you have a standard outlet. You may also find an invertor for your car so that you can charge your batteries while out on the road. Just keep an eye on your car battery, ensure you don't kill that too. Take a look at your max ratings on your battery and charger to determine how long you can safely run the invertor/charger for.

Electric Pocket Bike Reviews

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