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4 Stroke Pocket Bikes & Parts

4 Stroke Motors

Select from a range of motors starting at 50 cc and working the way up to 150 cc. These are bolt in motor kits and motor upgrades, to replace an aging 4 stroke motor or to upgrade your pocket bike to a higher CC engine class size. Also to go with 4 stroke motors, you may also be interesting in an air filter kit. This will help to better cool the motor/engine so that it lasts longer and takes less stress during operation.

4 Stroke Exhaust Systems

Common problems with a 4 stroke mini bike exhaust are it can get plugged, or it can get bumped and fall off the bike. In most cases you can attach the same exhaust or a new exhaust with a clamp or bracket. In rare instances you may need to wield an exhaust onto a 4 stroke bike.

4 Stroke Engine Rebuild Kits

If you have purchased a 4 stroke motor that has a compression problem or perhaps it has developed one over time, or perhaps from non usage. If a motor simply will not turn over or will not start, then an engine rebuild kit may be a proper purchase. This works with motorcycles, so it only makes sense that these rebuild kits are also available for mini bikes and super bikes as well.

4 Stroke Super Bikes on Sale

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