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Pocket Bike LED Accent & Underglow Kits

You too can now make your pocket bike look even meaner! LED underglow kits are catching on in the pocket bike world. It didn't take long! A lot of people like to put these underglow kits on their cars, so why not try it. A LED kit mounts to your pocket bike to project colored light around and underneath the bike. There are different colors of LED lights - blue, purple, red, white, black, green, etc. Some people like to mount their favorite color LED lights to their bike, others like to try to match or even offset the colors already on their pocket bike.

One of the kits we feature here on this page has 10 flexible lights that come with the kit - quite a steal, if we do say so ourselves. The more light strips your kit comes with, the more places you can mount LED lights onto your pocket bike. If there is a certain light kit manufactured by Liteglow, Streetglow, or another LED manufacturer that you're having trouble finding, feel free to let us know by filling out the contact us page. We'll do our best to get your inquiry added to our website.

Pocket Bike LED Accent & Underglow Kits on Sale

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