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Zero Electric Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles are neat because they are very similar to the real thing. The Zero X, for example, is one bike that we have pulled and placed on display here at Pocket Bikes The cool thing about the Zero X is, it's just like a real bike. It has 50 some odd pounds of torque, and 23 horsepower at peak. Even with this amount of power, the bike can still go up to 40 miles before it has to be recharged. You can ride the bike for 45 minutes to 2 hours before it dies. The weight of it is also somewhat heavier then most pocket bikes - making this much more like a real motorcycle (151 pounds or 68.5 kg).

With Zero Motorcycle's different classifications of products, including Dirt, Street, and Dual Sport (just to name a few), we're sure you can find a model of motorcycle or pocket bike from Zero motorcycle that interests you.

Zero Electric Motorcycle Reviews

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