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Electric Scooters for Kids & Adults

Electric scooters are fun little toys. They're driven by electric batteries. Electric scooters usually need about 4-8 hours to charge. They go about 30-40 km/h maximum. Gas powered scooters go faster, but they are generally more expensive. Also, it's far cheaper to run an electric scooter and more convenient. There's no need to go get more gas. Many two stroke engines that run on gas powered scooters and pocket bikes require two stroke fuel - so you have to mix the gas with gasoline before you can use it. Some find that a hassle.
Electric scooters beat gas if you're buying them for your child, because they go slower. Also, with an electric scooter, it's much easier to get it started then a gas one. Gas devices usually have ripcords, which can be more difficult to get started.

Having an electric scooter is easier - when it runs out of power, just plug it in and give it a charge. Easy, right? Below we have reviews of electric scooters. Go ahead and purchase an electric scooter on sale or leave a review.

Electric Scooter Reviews

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