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Pocket Bikes by Type

Looking for a certain type of pocket bike?
On this page we have a listing of our types of pocket bikes. Special engine classes and pocket bike brands will be under their respective headers. We also carry other vehicles here that are not pocket bikes. For example, go karts & dirt bikes. We attempt to carry as many different types and brands of pocket bikes, as well as other quads and vehicles that you may find useful. Please do use our contact us page or post on the forum if you are looking for something specific and are having trouble finding it.

Go Karts

Go Karts are a ton of fun! Typically, to race a go kart, you will go to the track. At the track you may drive go karts that go about 30-40 km/h max. Usually, because kids ride these as well, they have a cutoff built in so they can't go very fast. Go Karts tend to go through gas somewhat quickly, because they are capable of going faster then a pocket bike can. There are not many electric go kart designs on the market - most use gasoline, because electric go karts simply can't go very fast at all.

Used Pocket Bikes

Looking for a used pocket bike? Makes sense. This is actually one of the more popular search terms on the Internet when it comes to pocket bikes. This is because buying a used pocket bike is so much cheaper then buying a new one. However, you're not really going to find used pocket bikes at the scrapyard. Pocket bikes are a relatively new concept and scrapyards don't seem to be taking them yet. Does this give you any good business ideas?

You may be able to find someone in your area that fixes up pocket bikes and sells them used, but it's somewhat unlikely. On Pocket Bikes 101, we have reviews of used pocket bikes, so you can browse until you find one that you like and is in your budget. Used pocket bikes are best found in places like Kajiji, E-bay, Craigslist,  etc. Used pocket bike delaers locally can be difficult to find.

Racing Pocket Bikes

A racing pocket bike is kind of like a super pocket bike, or a pocket rocket bike. Racing pocket bikes have bigger, faster moving parts on them that produces more horsepower and allows the bike to travel faster. Some racing pocket rockets even go as fast as 100km/h. However, keep this in mind - the faster it goes, the more dangerous it becomes. Motorcycle riders know that if they hit even a pebble in the road, it can spell disaster for them. Imagine hitting a large bump going 80km/h on a racing pocket bike - doesn't sound like fun, does it? Invest in a pocket bike helmet if you plan on riding a racing pocket bike.

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