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Mini Quad Bikes & ATV Quads

Looking for Mini Quad Bikes? On this page we have a selection of mini quad bikes available for purchase. Browse each one, and click on one to view the reviews left of that bike by other users. You can even post your own review.Also now we have a specific page for Mini Quad Parts. This is important if you need a new engine, carburetor, exhaust, pullchain or other. Finding a replacement part sometimes can be tough because if may not fit on the type of mini quad you have. If you're not sure, you can read more details about the product, or you can also use the contact form to ask us a question.

Mini quad bikes and off-road mini quads

These mini quads can definitely be taken off road. Some are electric powered bikes so they can't go very fast - others have more power. Check out each one individually to determine the best fit for you. Mini Quads also make great gifts for your young ones, especially around Christmas time. One charge can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour for the electric Mini Quads.
Mini Quads are bigger then pocket bikes. Mini Quads are usually for kids. It's unlikely that you'll be able to fit into a mini quad unless you're smaller! You can try - but you may also wind up breaking the quad. Then your son or daughter won't be too happy with you! What do you do then? You'll end up having to buy them a new mini quad, you know! Better to leave the toy to the young professionals.

Mini Quad Bike Reviews

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