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Blata Pocketbikes

Blata Pocket Bikes - Chromed out, professional pocket bikes for not only the pocket bike professional but perhaps the intermediate as well. A Blata Pocket Bike is likely going to be a significant investment for you - so it's only something you buy once familiar with pocket biking, once you've determined it's something you like. You might have to like it a lot to invest in a Blata pocket bike - because these bikes are not cheap by any means.

Of course, the difference in price tag means you get what you pay for - one mean machine. Some of Blata's 125cc pocket bikes include chromed-out 17' wheels, oversized 320mm radial disc brakes, front and rear foot rests and much more. Please be sure to browse each product individually to determine which you desire.

Pavel Blata started Blata pocket bikes, with a gent named Vittorino Orazi.Vittorino Orazi's organization hired Blata in the early 199s to helpwith the creation of parts. After a while, Blata was building bikes.Blata later decided to start designing and making his own bikes. Blata makes pocket bikes today as well as scooters, but at one point the company made full size bikes.

Blata is also involved with racing and the company organized the Blata Cup Racing Series in 1996, and has helped to organize many other races.



Blata Pocketbike Reviews

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